Foxy Brown maintains her street cred

Foxy Brown has been put in 76 days of punitive isolation for her involvement in a fight that occurred in Riker’s island jail.

Brown, 28, and another inmate got into a shoving match earlier this month, said Morello, adding he didn’t know why the two were fighting. Neither inmate was injured.

Following that incident, Morello said Brown was abusive toward correction guards and then refused to take a random drug test.

The combined violations, Morello said, earned Brown more than two months in punitive segregation, where an inmate can spend up to 23 hours a day in isolation.

Wow, 76 days in isolation at Riker’s is no joke. Lord knows though, what she could’ve been fighting about. Top bunk maybe? Seconds in the chow line? Hair products? Never get between Foxy and her straightener.

Isolation shouldn’t be too bad for her though. She can brush up on her rap for the prison talent show. And it saves her from Bertha who only gives her two options when they meet, “cuddle” or “shank”.

Foxy Brown Put in Punitive Segregation [MSN]

Guest post by Captain Swarthy

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