Halle Berry offends Jewish people

Halle Berry was promoting her new movie, Things We Lost in the Fire, on Jay Leno last Friday when audience members say she made an anti-semitic joke. The remark came during a segment where she was showing distorted pictures of herself that she made on her Mac.

According to one audience member, “She introduced the first photo by saying, ‘Here’s where I look like my Jewish cousin!’ – it was a picture of her with a huge, distorted nose. No one laughed, and Jay nervously said, ‘I’m glad you said that and not me.’ When the show aired, they cut out her ‘Jewish’ comment and added a laugh track to the bit.”

Berry, who even offered to call Page Six’s source and apologize in person, said, “It was just a lighthearted segment that was meant to make fun of myself. There was a picture where I said I looked like Monica Lewinsky and one where I said I looked like Jay. It was just supposed to be a silly segment. I am so sorry, and I apologize.”

Whoa, hold on a second Halle Berry. I can’t believe this. You have a cousin? That means she must be kind of from the same gene pool. Which means she could be really hot. Your cousin and I should totally get together because I really like having sex with atrociously hot women. It’ll be a perfect match. As long as she’s hot. She’s hot… right?

Berry nose better than that [Page Six]

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Herman B
16 years ago

she’s so flighty

and as far as rare genetics go, try one in 8 billion

i have a rare mix of nairobi african and mediterranean proteins (CCR-5 chemokine receptor gene and pyrn) that make me immune to a lot of diseases that can be very deadly to most people