It’s raining ash

James Cameron and Olivia Newton-John were evacuated yesterday as a raging fire burns through Malibu. The homes of Mark Hamill, Sean Penn and David Duchovny are said to be threatened as well. Downed power lines from fierce Santa Ana winds are thought to have started the fire. Not only is Malibu on fire, but so is San Diego where one person has already died.

Thousands of Southern California homes could be at risk in coming days as powerful Santa Ana winds continue to stoke wildfires, fire officials said. Blazes on Sunday scorched thousands of acres from the Mexican border to Santa Barbara County, destroyed at least 39 homes and other buildings and killed at least one person.

Some of the worst devastation has been in and around Malibu, where the losses included two beloved landmarks; in San Diego, where at least one person died and 14 were injured; and in the communities of Agua Dulce and Canyon Country, midway between Santa Clarita and Palmdale. At least 25 buildings there were destroyed and 3,800 remained threatened by a rapidly moving blaze driven by winds gusting to 80 mph. At least four people were reported injured, one severely.

One cannot help but think that the real reason the blaze started was because of Mark Hamill. Had he not been in the hills using a flaming stick as a lightsaber reliving his glory days, a fire would not have erupted when he dropped it to the ground after the flames began lapping at his hands. Thanks a lot Luke Skywalker.

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