Jennifer Lopez’s career is doing great

Jennifer Lopez

After the flop that was El Cantante, Jennifer Lopez needed a film that would breathe some life into her career. Preferably something Oscar worthy. Sadly, Bordertown is not that film. In fact, Bordertown is so far from that film that it’s going direct to video. Page Six writes,

“Bordertown” – where J. Lo plays a reporter probing the murders of female factory workers in Mexico – will hit video stores in January, reports Moviefone. Co-starring Antonio Banderas, the flick was booed at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Hm, Jennifer Lopez makes bad movies and bad music. If Jennifer fails in one more medium, she’ll have completed the trifecta of crap. I bet that would make her sad. Suicidal even. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen because that would be just awful.

Dammit, I forgot no one can see me winking over the net.

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