Jessica Biel pulls a Britney

Yesterday, Jessica Biel began berating a photog and even tapped him with her umbrella after leaving a yoga class. The paparazzo was attempting to snap pictures of she-hulk before she started screaming at him for getting too close and then dispensing some career advice.

She shouted at them to “not to get close” and “to get a real job that doesn’t involve stalking people”.

Uh oh. Is this what they call roid rage? This is scary. I bet the photog peed himself. Have you seen Jessica Biel? She’s built. I’m not lying when I say I’d rather punch Lennox Lewis in the balls than make Jessica angry. At least then I’d have a chance of running away. With Jessica, I could punch her right on the chin and her head wouldn’t even move. She’d just get this crazy look in her eyes and start beating on me like Britney would do to a candy filled piñata. The only difference being Jessica wouldn’t be drooling at the same time. Until I take off my shirt and pull down my pants that is. Oh yea, I like it rough, baby.

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