Lindsay Lohan steals fiances

Lindsay Lohan found a new lover in rehab named Riley and it’s no surprise that there’s drama attached to this relationship too. It turns out Riley was engaged to Bree Tierney who found out about him and Lindsay through tabloids. He’s also taking her to bars. This guy’s a winner.

Until recently, he was engaged to Murray, Utah, resident Bree Tierney. “Riley just stopped calling Bree and never told her about Lindsay,” Bree’s mom, Tess, tells Us. “She found out by seeing photos. It destroyed her.”

Seconds a source, “Lindsay may be in danger with Riley.” The concerns may be warranted: Giles escorted Lohan to the Hotel Bar & Nightclub in Salt Lake City on October 5 – the same day she checked out of rehab.

Bree’s story hits close to home. I didn’t find out Angelina Jolie left me and our lovechild for Brad Pitt until I read about it on the internet. Granted, Angelina didn’t find out we had a love child until I sent her that doll I fashioned out of hair from the bathroom floor. But, enough about me. I just want to say I feel your pain Bree. If it helps, I can make a Riley hair doll for you.

Here’s Lindsay back in LA.

Lindsay: Boyfriend Left Fiancee For Her [Us Weekly]

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Mia Powell
Mia Powell
14 years ago

Lindsey need to give herself to God or if she get’s into anymore trouble but her in jail, it seem like all the little white girls in hollyweid get slap on the hands, as for the black one’s like Foxy Brown and Eve who wore a monitor for drinking but Britney and lindsey get away with murder. Stop supporting these loser.

14 years ago

The media is funny. They are so willing to give chronic re-offending, drug-addicted white celebrities sympathy and 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances, but let a rapper get in trouble ONCE. All of a sudden, he’s the lowest scum of the earth. Robert Downey, Jr., Charlie Sheen, Britney, Lindsey, even Paris…we know that chic got drug issues. But they can clean it up and people eat them up. Let Pookie and Ray-Ray get caught with some crack ONCE. Now, I must say that I don’t condone drugs by ANYONE, but the disparity of rehab opportunities and second chances for people of… Read more »

Candy Barr
Candy Barr
14 years ago

That chick is a dumbass, anyway . . . Why in the ?uck would you be engaged to someone who is in rehab? Obviously she has her reason$$$$.

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