“The Hills” is real, really

MTV’s biggest reality show, The Hills, has been criticized for producing its own version of reality. It’s unclear how many fans have been jilted following numerous reports suggesting their reality show is actually a loosely scripted drama marketed for teens. Hoping to keep the faith alive, Audrina Patridge showed up last night at Les Deux and insisted The Hills is very much reality.

“Lauren and me are real friends,” says Patridge. “We live in our apartment. That’s real, like where we work, everything. The situations are real.”

Qualifying her statement, she adds: “I mean, they might be kinda like, ‘Okay, we want you to go to Les Deux tonight,’ so we go and whatever happens, happens. And they might do things to tweak it a little bit, but our reactions–it’s totally real. It’s reality.”

So, Audrina is trying to convince everyone The Hills is real by saying the people are real, the salads they eat are real, and the restaurants they go to do in fact exist. Then at the same time she says producers tell them where to go and what to do which in some circles (read: everywhere) could be considered acting. Whew, I’m glad she cleared that up. It’s a good thing Audrina practiced that little speech because she might have sounded like a complete retard.

Some old bikini shots of Audrina just because.

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