This costume is stupid

Avril Lavigne dressed up as a French maid / checkered flag / 1950’s waitress / neon annoyance over the weekend. Is this a costume or a cry for help? This outfit all but confirms earlier suspicions that Avril is the most annoying little thing in the world. She could save countless babies from burning buildings and every time I’d look at her, it would always be with contempt. So much so that I would actually take the baby out of her soot covered arms and return it to its cradle of fire. Then I’d tell Avril to just leave and that someone less annoying will eventually come. Hopefully someone dreamy with big arms and washboard abs and hopefully in the next 3 minutes before the house collapses.

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14 years ago

It looks like s**t, which is definitely her isn’t it?

Randy G
Randy G
14 years ago

Has anyone ever seen that guy on YouTube Chris Crocker and Avril in the same place at the same time??? Just asking….

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