This Ellen dog story got more interesting

Ellen Degeneres

I know I said I wouldn’t post anymore about this Ellen DeGeneres dog story, but that was before it turned into a bitter and spiteful feud between Ellen’s lawyer and Mutts & Moms. After the agency called police to take the dog, Iggy, from Ellen’s hairdresser and her two children, Ellen bawled on her show and said she’d do whatever it takes to give the dog back to her hairdresser. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Ellen’s lawyer left a friendly voice message for the adoption agency.

“This is Kelly Bush. We are filing a legal case against you. We are going to be contacting the media. This is not going to be good for your store or your organization. You did not do the right thing. You need to call back. There is no reason for you to take this dog. Please call back before this gets further out of hand.”

Not to be intimidated, Mutts & Moms told The Insider that they already found a new home for the dog.

Our sources also tell us the family Ellen gave the dog to — her hairdresser, her husband and their two pre-teen daughters — did fill out an application online when the dog took up residence with them. It was at that time the agency said they would come out to inspect their property as part of the adoption process. Instead, they reclaimed the dog and calling the police. As Mutts & Moms were officially registered as the owners by the chip, authorities turned over custody to them.

They’re like a bunch of children running around arguing over the last candy bar. All this drama is pointless anyway since none of this will matter when Iggy is run over by a car next week. Crap. I meant to write “accidentally run over.” I always forget to put that part in.

  • Deb

    There are two main reasons rescue agencies specify that animals are to be returned if the adoption situation does not work out: from the liability perspective (e.g What if Iggy in the new home would have bitten one of the children? Would Ellen have taken responsibility or let the rescue agency take the hit?) and from the animal’s well-being perspective (We don’t know this animal’s history or what needs he has. That’s why the rescue agency reserves judgement on who should adopt the dog or where the dog should be readopted to). Ellen DeGeneres is not the one who should decide where a dog she adopted under contract through a rescue agency is placed. She easily could have followed the contract, recommended the family to the agency, and then had the family follow the rules and submit an adoption application just like everyone else. We don’t know this dog’s history and although Ellen was lucky and the dog’s fit with the family worked out, this might easily have not been the case. What about the dog’s welfare then? Celebrities need to learn to follow the rules like everyone else. Sign a contract and just work with the agency and its standards to make sure EVERYONE involved is happy with the solution, especially from the long-term perspective. I feel bad for the kids and the dog that bonded so well but the adults involved in the situation did not set a good example by breaking a contract and then causing a fuss that resulted in stress and safety concerns for the rescue agency. A full apology to the rescue group and the public in general for causing this fuss would the right thing to do on Ellen’s part. Rescue agencies work to save animals all the time while the general public lives in ignorant bliss of the plight of these animals. If people want to make a big difference in animals’ lives, they will get involved in animal rescue and see the real side of the story instead of appealing to Ellen’s tears because she made a bad decision and sending hate mail to the rescue agency. If Ellen were a true animal lover, she would respect the people who work with animals every day and support their mission instead of targeting them because she didn’t get her way.

  • Jim

    I just rescued a dog from a shelter. The big picture is to have people treat animals right. Not to be animal Nazi’s (see if they print this) The correct thing to do is to let go when you let go or never let go to start with. THat was horrible the way that agency handled that manor just for the sake of being right. It was more of a power grab for the publicity than for the sake of the animal. Do they think they are kidding anyone with their pompus attitude of they are the great and powerful OZ…. Someone needs to wake up. It was a dog and rather than keep it Ellen gave it to a good home. If the agency was really concerned about the dog they would have taken a little time to look at them rather than a power grab because they could. I hope someone breaks each and everyone of their hearts someday. Karma works if you work it.

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