T.I is in trouble

27-year-old rapper, T.I., real name, Clifford Harris, is set to appear in court on Monday on federal weapons charges. Authorities allege T.I., a convicted felon, planned to pick up machine guns and silencers through his bodyguard.

Agents with the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives arrested Harris on Saturday in midtown Atlanta. Authorities say other firearms were found in his vehicle and in his suburban Atlanta home.

Harris is charged with possession of unregistered machine-guns and silencers, as well as possession of firearms by a convicted felon.

Harris allegedly brokered the deals through the bodyguard because he is a convicted felon. It is a violation of federal law for a convicted felon to have another person purchase or acquire firearms on his behalf.

When asked what the guns were for, T.I. responded, “Hunting.” “Hunting what?” they inquired. “Hunting the deadliest game of all. Man,” said T.I. with a loud cackle. That guy is weird. Why can’t he settle his differences with words instead of guns like me. Granted, my words are engraved on the side of a baseball bat, but I feel my point is still valid. And you’ll agree with me if you know what’s good for you.

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16 years ago

OMG! T.I if u go 2 jail the HOOD/GAME wont be the same wit out u! xoxox peace!

16 years ago

yo thats f**k up man that ti u in jail damn i love your songs through

16 years ago

Money does not mean everything. If T.I does not have Jesus in his life. He is DONE. Start praying son. That goes to show that you are what you write on your songs. It’s not just for entertainment. Why do rappers rap what they are not about? In this case I guess he is what he writes in his lyrics. Not a good look for him. Jesus is the way the truth and the light if he does not repent, he will stay in darkness and his life stlye will never change.