Time wasters

Lindsay Lohan

  • Drunken Stepfather: Pamela Anderson has creepy cleavage
  • CityRag: Celebrities Love Tacos!
  • Pajiba: Is this movie really about a spoiled, unprepared kid or a good coming-of-age story? I hope it has bears. Eating people! Probably not though.
  • Bastardly: Elisha Cuthbert looking weird
  • Celebitchy: Michelle Rodriguez might end up back in jail
  • Bossip: Kanye West has a chandelier over his tub
  • Hollywood Tuna: Continuing with the ongoing saga of Hayden Panettiere being strong
  • TC: Christina doesn’t need a bra
  • HB: Amy Winehouse’s Husband Abandoned Her In Hospital To Take More Drugs
  • Grumpiest: Elle MacPherson is a Classy Lady
  • TFT: Victoria Beckham is sort of nude (Site NSFW)
  • SOW: Heather is a sore loser on Rock of Love
  • CS: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Suicide Pact
  • CNW: Michael Lohan to Cure Lindsay
  • Attuworld: Honey, wake up
  • College Humor: This is how reporters get fired
  • AB: And the cradle still rocks
  • Just Jared: Sienna Miller & Cillian Murphy… KISSING!
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