Vanessa Hudgens gets fired, eats a wiener

OK! Magazine claims 18-year-old Vanessa Hudgens will not be asked to return for the third High School Musical film. The decision is most likely the result of those self-portrait nude shots that were leaked.

“Disney finally decided that they don’t want her back,” an insider reveals to OK!. “They feel that as long as Zac Efron is in the movie, all will be fine. He’s the real star – the household name – and, most importantly, he comes without baggage.”

Poor Vanessa Hudgens. She’s fallen on such hard times that she’s taken to eating wieners on sidewalks for money now. At least she’s happy. Unattractive people deserve that much. Yea, I know it’s a photo shoot. Isn’t that what I said?

Note: Check out the creepy Jack Nicholson look-a-like behind her. I think he just goosed her.

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
16 years ago

Capt. Cornhole says:
“She’s got a hot little cock sucker don’t she?”

14 years ago

She’s so cute though. Exotics like her, Yasmine Bleeth, Catherine Bell, etc – there’s just something about them – exotic looks and curves to spare. Fraternization forward!

14 years ago

Most gals have to scrunch the dog down to fit – not Nessa. She seems practiced at the art of gulping The Big One.

14 years ago

im glad she took pics she is sexy