Victoria Beckham is an ostrich

Victoria Beckham was doing a photoshoot the other day and wearing this. She looks GD ridiculous. I don’t understand fashion. I’m must not be hip enough or I have too much common sense because I think some designers these days are idiots. They make clothes out of whatever isn’t considered normal or use material in excess creating something awkward and unsexy. For example, Victoria Beckham’s… dress? You know who wore stuff like this? Cavemen. They used to kill these type of birds and wear them all the time.

Here’s what I imagine a conversation between a designer and a buyer is like,

Designer: “Oh, look. I created a bra out of bologna and panties out of cooked macaroni. I’m so progressive.”
Sycophant: “You’re right. You so are! Here’s $2 million for this garbage no one in their right mind will ever wear.”

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14 years ago

No, you don’t understand fashion. Pieces like this are created as artwork, and are never intended to be sold in stores. Most couture items are only sold to a very, very small number of clients, and designers don’t really make much money off them (they cost a whole lot to make). That’s why they rely on ready-to-wear for profits and pieces like this are mainly just for publicity and art for art’s sake.