Weekend time wasters

Adriana Lima

  • TC: Kim Kardashian knows what you want
  • Dlisted: Elvira Has Really Let Herself Go
  • INO: Halle Berry Blames Car Crash On Paparazzi
  • TFT: Niki Bellucci Topless and Nude (NSFW)
  • Grumpiest: At Least There’s One Hot Girl in Girls Aloud
  • Celebslam: The two faces of Britney Spears
  • CS: Tara Reid still attending premiers
  • Attuworld: Hottest students from Germany (NSFW)
  • NinjaDude: Victoria Beckham Eating At Mel’s
  • SOW: Posh Spice getting a new look?
  • Yeeeah: Avril Still Sucks Infinity Plus One
  • ASL: Isla Fisher, Borat’s girlfriend, had his baby

Weekend videos

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