What the hell is this and time wasters

I have this weird feeling Heidi Montag’s music video is going to suck.

  • Bastardly: The Amanda Bynes, Zac Eferon & Vanessa Hudgens Love Triangle
  • Drunken Stepfather: Slutty Celebrities at the Fredrick’s of Hollywood’s Fashion Show
  • CityRag: Mary J Blige is Just Fine
  • Celebitchy: Another “Lost” star busted for DUI
  • Bossip: Diddy Speaks on Jenny From the Block’s Pregnancy
  • Crave: Mustache guy
  • Attuworld: This is not for kids
  • TM: Some Vietnamese film star is blackballed after her sex tape is released
  • TC: Jessica Alba O face
  • IDLYITW: Sophia Bush is Dating Tony Romo
  • TFT: Gwen Stefani shows some nipple (Site NSFW)
  • CS: Ellen and Portia Splitting Up?
  • SOW: Marie Osmond blogs about fainting on Dancing with the Stars
  • Flisted: Katie Price launches dildo line
  • EB: Ethan Hawke’s Monster Forehead Zit is Healing Nicely
  • Lossip: Jessica Alba reveals girl crush
  • HB: Is Pamela Anderson a drug addict?
  • Crave: How to drive like an asshole
  • Megan

    BWWWWWWWWWWWAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    *whew* that hurt a little…

  • anon

    hahahahha, i love the fisherman shot at the end.

  • I’m still shaking my head.

  • chewy

    Eventually, this girl’s gonna have to find a real job. This is a glorified home movie and the music sounds like an imitation of Jessica Simpson imitating Madonna.

  • Why does this girl matter to anyone? I wish she would go away! They will give ANYONE a record deal.

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