Alec Baldwin is no friend to fatties

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin wants Hilary Clinton to fight obesity by voting “No” on a $10 billion farm bill that will provide subsidies “to farmers who provide cheese, sugar and other fattening foods to schools.” Alec Baldwin, who’s been ingesting some high fructose corn syrup himself, says

“As you are well aware, the epidemic of childhood obesity is worsening day by day, leading to higher risks of diabetes, heart disease and several forms of cancer,” the actor wrote Monday in a personal letter to Clinton and each of her fellow senators. “I know that you share my concern about this crucial issue.”

“As a parent,” Baldwin continued, “I see firsthand the challenges of keeping children focused on healthful foods. These challenges are made all the more difficult by federal policies that keep high-cholesterol, high-sugar foods all too plentiful in schools. …

“There has never been a more urgent time to take action.”

When Hilary didn’t return his calls, Alec threatened to “straighten her ass out” and to further illustrate his point, he called Hilary a “rotten little pig,” a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” Alec is tired of playing this game and feels that Hilary insulted him for the last time and that she doesn’t have the brains or the decency… Whoa, Alec. You’re not going to get through to Hilary like that. Women understand better when you explain your argument through song and dance.

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