Amy Winehouse is in good spirits

Amy Winehouse was in a pretty good mood yesterday as she continued her tour at Winter Gardens in Blackpool. She managed to not breakdown and insult her fans which is always a good sign. A lot of you may think this has to do with the mysterious cocaine-like powder up her nose, but you’d be wrong. I’ll have you know that that powder isn’t cocaine. It’s disgust. Amy Winehouse is disgusted you think she’s still an addict when she clearly told everyone she’s clean. Obviously, her disgust has transformed into a solid mass of white particles dribbling out her nose. To think she’s off the wagon is absurd. She even has her clean and sober friend Pete Doherty helping her with her addiction. There’s no way that this won’t end well.

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15 years ago

I know a lot of death pool participants that will be upset if this druggie bitch doesn’t make it past January 1.