Amy Winehouse still does drugs

In news that may shock and surprise you, Amy Winehouse might still be on drugs. Gasp! At a concert last Thursday, Winehouse was photographed pulling something out of her bra, putting it up to her nostril and possibly inhaling it.

She then veiled a silk scarf in front of her face for a few moments before agitatedly rubbing her nose.

Winehouse, 24, then struggled to string a coherent sentence together as she exchanged banter with the crowd at the Brixton Academy between songs.

I’m beginning to think Amy Winehouse has a drug problem. I don’t know why, but over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten this strange feeling Amy is addicted to a certain powdery white narcotic beloved by many in Hollywood.

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Staceyj salter
Staceyj salter
12 years ago

amy wine house can you stop takeing drugs and be a good girl stacey salter from bournemouth

Stacey salter
Stacey salter
12 years ago


can you get some help i hope you will