An Audrina Patridge sex tape exists?

Audrina Partridge

Audrina Patridge is Lauren Conrad’s friend on The Hills and she’s apparently pretty boring. Which is why she doesn’t get a lot of press and is constantly overshadowed by that fake breasted Heidi Montag who does those retarded “candid” photo shoots. Lucky for her that’s all about to change if the rumors of a sexy home movie are true. According to a few people, Audrina and Matt Koruba, singer of Program the Dead, have a sex tape currently circulating throughout Hollywood. In it, Matt is said to be texting in the back of his tour bus while Audrina blows him. I don’t know about you, but, personally, I’m glad to see celebs bring class back into homemade porn.

Whatever though. Depending on it’s existence, Audrina should get ready for the oncoming surge of fame. It’s happened to every quasi-celebrity who’s released a sex tape. Except for maybe that wrestler chick. What was her name, Chyna? Yea, celebrity sex tapes don’t really work when the girl in it has a bigger penis than the guy. At least, I don’t think… Let me check. Yep. I’m blind again.

Note: This is all just a rumor right now, but if anyone has it, feel free to send it over. Thanks to sultry Stacy for the tip and for not knowing when to say stop.

Note note: I don’t know if that’s Matt Koruba in the pic.

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