Angelina and Brad to buy the danger den

Michael Jackson needs to pay a $23 million loan on his sprawling Santa Barbara estate within 90 days or go into foreclosure. Now, an unnamed source is saying Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are interested in buying Michael Jackson’s 2,700 acre Neverland Ranch. They say this isle of lost children will be perfect for Maddox, Shiloh, Zahara and Pax.

…believe their kids would love the fairground rides and zoo at the 2,700-acre Santa Barbara ranch. They are also said to have been impressed by the estate’s security system.

Okay, Michael. You’re pathetic attempt at a bidding war isn’t working. You should choose someone more believable. Ever since Angelina took a bad hit of acid, she’s pretty much shunned a life of excess. Somewhat. What would people in third world nations think of her campaign against poverty when she has Disneyland in her backyard? Not to mention the creepiness of it all. It’s been said that the halls of Neverland are haunted by the lost innocence of hundreds of children and at night you can hear Michael’s spirit tip-toeing down the halls giggling, “Tee hee hee! Tee hee hee!,” while random doors creek open and shut.

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16 years ago

is that a pic of michael jackson, or of angelina jolie?