Angelina Jolie split her pants

Angelina Jolie had a rough time at the London premiere of her new film Beowulf. The 32-year-old was wearing skin tight leather pants when they began tearing open. Ever the gentleman, Brad Pitt pressed his hand firmly on her behind to shield her probably bare ass from the cameras. Thanks a lot, Brad.

The Oscar-winner hardly seemed to notice her wardrobe woes, however — graciously signing autographs for fans and making the red-carpet interview rounds.

Fatass also stepped in a wad of gum, but that part isn’t as sexy as her splitting her leather pants. Unless, the piece of gum made her fall and split her pants some more. If that’s the case, then good job guy who can’t be bothered to spit his gum in the trashcan. Your thoughtlessness act inadvertently caused people great pleasure this time instead of inciting primal rage.

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