Antonio Banderas wants to be a woman

At a press conference for his new heist movie, The Code, Antonio Banderas was asked who he’d like to swap places with for a day. His answer was that he’d like to try being a woman to better understand the “fairer” sex.

“But I don’t know which one. May be Mimi, just to understand what she is going through,” he joked, referring to The Code director Mimi Leder.

Helpful hint to Antonio Banderas. If you want to know what it’s like to be of the opposite sex, buy yourself an apron and a spatula and get to work because if sexism has taught me anything, it’s that the hardest part about being a woman is avoiding the splatter of grease from a frying pan and remembering to take the pill every day. Oh and of course, childbirth. But, if men can handle a hangnail once in a while, I think women should be able to handle a 8 pound baby tearing through their vagina.

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