Britney dates Andy Garcia

Looks like Britney has a new man. The unwitting victim goes by the name Michael Marchand. Mr. Marchand works as a hospitality coordinator, what common folk call “waiter”. According to Life and Style:

“Brit instantly fell for Michael when she was at Mirabelle in early November. “Their chemistry was immediate. He’s very turned on by her,” says an insider.”

Aren’t people supposed to date up? Britney’s gone from Justin to K-Fed to random sex partners to this waiter. To think, we all used to joke about K-Fed. Look who’s laughing now.

According to Yelp and Mirabelle’s website, they serve fairly high-quality food with a classy atmosphere. Hold on, let me scan the menu.. yup, no mention of fried chicken and burgers. If eating involves utensils, count Britney out. Place a dinner fork in front of her and she would stare at you as if you had just pulled a sack of marbles out of your rectum.*

*I have tried this. Indeed, it is quite shocking and perplexing to people. Also quite messy. – Captain Swarthy

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Robin Claire
13 years ago

jesus christ. This woman needs help. and a diet..

13 years ago

she has the right to fall in love with anyone at anytime .Is there something wrong to fall in love.What is the meaning of EDEN, the place where man had been created by GOD?

13 years ago

Brittany has a right to fall in love with anyone she wants, what because she is famous she has to fall in love with someone famous. it don’t work like that most of the time famous people don’t stay together and the they are with someone else. i am sorry but ppl got to remember when you feel that connection with someone it doesn’t matter if your a famous movie star or if you are cashier at sheetz. the only thing matters that your happy and that you don’t worry about what ppl think. and that is what brittany is… Read more »

13 years ago

She’s not in love. >/
She’s just lusting again.

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