Britney had lipo

The Daily Mail claims Britney Spears had lipo on her ass and hips while house hunting in Vegas last week. Last month, Britney was said to have injected her lips in a desperate bid to stay sexy and relevant.

Diet and exercise are overrated anyway. Going down that road requires effort and takes almost a month to see results. An easier way get your body back and lead a healthy, happy life is to shove a tube into your ass every month to suck those frappucinos out. Instant results, baby. That’s why Britney always looks so radiant and mentally stable and now she even has more time to eat her cheeseburgers. Although, according to Britney, you don’t take time to eat cheeseburgers, you make time.

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16 years ago

Crikey, what the hell is up with her hair?

Her volume is up way too high, this girl needs to get out of LA! She’s lost sight of who she is.