Britney let a man snort cocaine off her chest

Guitarist Scott Kohler told The Sun that Britney invited him and 10 other people to her Hollywood mansion on Oct 19. They were all in the jacuzzi with Britney downing vodka when someone joked they wanted to snort coke off Britney’s chest and she let him. Kohler claims Britney snorted too, but he’s probably wrong since Britney passed a court ordered drug test the next day.

Her bizarre behavior continued yesterday when Britney called into the Ryan Seacrest Show (audio available there). Britney rambled on about everything and nothing and talked about eating fried chicken. Maybe you can better decipher it.

“It’s sad how people, how cruel our world can be,” she said. “But at the end of the day you gotta to know in your heart that you are doing the best that you can.”

Perhaps it hasn’t sunk in yet. When Seacrest asked Spears how often she gets to see her kids, she answered, “That’s all in the courts. My lawyers know all that stuff.”

Asked which track was most meaningful to her, Spears said, “I really like ‘Heaven on Earth.’ It think it’s a cool track.”

She said she did nothing special to celebrate the album’s release. The big day “was kind of laid-back, really,” she said, adding, “We watched movies” (she couldn’t remember which movies) and “we had fried chicken.”

Seacrest decided to move from career and children to Spears’ personal life, but that line of questioning didn’t get too far. Asked if she was romantically involved with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Brit asked, “Who?”

This. The best part is when Britney leaves in the middle of the interview to go shower and also when Ryan asks Britney about her kids and everyone starts laughing. Kids? Hilarious. Why don’t you move on to a more important question, Ryan, like what kind of fried chicken Britney was eating and what side orders she got. I bet it was mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Fatties love taters.

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lone wolf
lone wolf
14 years ago

hell yeah,damn il snort it of her ass