Britney Spears is a natural

Now that Britney Spears only gets three visits a week with her children she has to make the most of it. Which is why she left her kids in the car with the court appointed monitor while she went shopping for lights.

TMZ caught the popwreck going to Crystal Palace in the Valley yesterday, leaving her two kids in her car with the court-required monitor while she shopped for lighting. Hmm… part-time babysitter probably isn’t part of the woman’s job.

Finally. Britney’s motherly instincts have kicked in. In the land before time, Britney’s ancestors also left their babies with a stranger while they went to go hunt. Natural selection was thought to have weeded out these morons, but I’m happy to report the bloodline is alive and kicking.

The banner above is Britney parking in a handicap spot so she could go tanning. I’m going to let this one slide because she doesn’t need one of those blue wheelchair placards to prove she’s retarded.

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16 years ago

What a F’ing asshole she is.

16 years ago

i agree. can someone PLEASE give her a ticket? and isn’t there an open space RIGHT next to hers?

16 years ago

hi ia m msr abdulkadir i wont britneyspearas big tits