Britney Spears is suing

Yesterday, InTouch reported Britney Spears was 4 weeks pregnant with J.R. Rotem’s baby. It turned out to be a big lie and now Britney is considering suing InTouch.

“She’s thinking about suing,” explains the pal. “She’s so mad. She’s worked so hard at being a working mom and resolving legal issues. To have such a messed up lie come out like this now really angers her. She is serious about wanting to sue.”

The NYDN wrote about Britney’s pregnancy yesterday too, but also wrote about her secret sex room and poo stained couches. She didn’t sue for that. That must mean it’s true. That’s how it works. It’s like when I don’t sue my local newspaper for their daily articles from satisfied women touting my sexual prowess and sweet ass. Because it’s all true! Call me, ladies.

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