Chyler Leigh’s brother is a good kisser

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy recently discovered the existence of an old movie of Chyler Leigh, Grey’s newest cast member, called Kickboxing Academy. Chyler was only 15 when it was released, but everyone obviously thought she was mature enough to handle an on screen kiss. And they were right. The guy lucky enough to feel the soft caress of her soft, pouty lips was future Power Ranger, Christopher Khayman Lee. Chyler’s brother. Sexy.

You can fast forward past those two dorks in the video to see not one, but two scenes where Chyler and her brother lock lips. In Christopher’s defense, his sister is pretty hot. Plus, now, whenever he’s around his friends and they’re all talking about how doable his sister is and in what ways they would defile her, Chris gets to tell them that they totally made out. Twice. “Oh. No way, bro! Hi-five!”

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