Did Timmy fall down the well?

Haylie Duff

Hilary and Haylie. Haylie and Hilary. Seriously, genetic mutations probably exist in the loins of the Duff parental units. How else to explain their births to animal forms. At Tao Las Vegas, someone let this collie off her leash to “walk” the red carpet. Where’s her stylist? They could’ve made her face a lot shorter by wrapping a scarf around part of it. People love it when owners dress up their dogs. And check out those ankles. She would do so well chasing down deer. – CS

Haylie Duff @ TaoHaylie Duff @ TaoHaylie Duff @ TaoHaylie Duff @ TaoHaylie Duff @ Tao

  • BuddyMorrissey

    Great headline-but how many people here remember Lassie?

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