Hilary Duff gave a lap dance

Hilary Duff was spotted at New York hot spot Tenjune downing Veuve Clicquot straight from the bottle and giving her new ice-hockey boyfriend, Mike Comrie, a lap dance.

“She looked nothing like the sweet little Lizzie Maguire she once was as she treated Mike to a series of raunchy lap dances.
“The place was packed but Hilary didn’t mind.”
Hilary, 20, did put a stop to the raunchy act when the DJ played her own new song Wake Up.

Giving your boyfriend a lap dance while your crappy music plays must be embarrassing. One minute he has a boner tearing through his pants and the next he’s pressing his head against the speakers in hope that his eardrums will rupture. Maybe she should start dating deaf guys or maybe not contaminate the gene pool at all. Hey, there’s an idea!

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