Hunting Britney is dangerous, Pt. 2

Last month, Britney Spears ran over a TMZ cameraman’s foot as she was leaving a medical center where she just had her lips plumped. Yesterday, Britney did the same thing, but with a different photog, while leaving the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. TMZ says,

The paps refused to move, despite several warnings and documented footage of how Britney rolls. Moments later, Brit shockingly rolled her new wheels over a guy’s foot.

Usually, in these situations, compassion is an appropriate response. Not so with this video. You’ll find your first reaction will be stifled laughter as the paparazzo screams a cartoonish, “Yarrgh. Back up, back up,” when the combined weight of both the car and Britney Spears rolls over his foot. You’d think that standing in front of moving vehicles would cease to produce such hilarious results what with pedestrian safety being hardwired into children these days. I’m happy to report that it doesn’t.

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