Hunting Britney Spears is dangerous

That Other Blog reports that an X17 paparazzi mowed down a “spotter” on a motorcycle while chasing Britney Spears through Santa Monica Blvd. and Rexford Dr. in Beverly Hills. A “spotter” is someone who tips off paparazzi on the locations of celebrities and is not an actual photog.

The paparazzi was hit by a silver range rover and was literally smashed under its wheels. From what we hear, the body went into seizure and then it just stopped moving.

We were just informed the paparazzo is alive, but in critical condition. He suffered broken legs, broken arms and a broken back, according to our source.

Jesus. A seizure? And they say the guy has only been doing this for 2 days. Maybe this was a hazing ritual by X17. Sort of like in fraternities where your frat brother sticks his penis in your mouth to show his alpha maleness or something equally as gay. I share the same sentiments as That Other Blog. Calm it down guys or next time Britney might get hurt. We wouldn’t want our little pop princess in a gruesome traffic collision now would we…? But, um, if that ever happens, God forbid, can we get some crotch shots?

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