Jennifer Lopez announces her pregnancy

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, who I refuse to call J. Lo unless it’s to mock her, officially announced her pregnancy at the end of her concert series at Miami’s American Airlines Arena.

“Marc and I are expecting,” she said as the crowd of 10,000 erupted. Anthony then bent over and kissed his wife’s belly. ”I didn’t know she was going to talk,” Anthony said.

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez was the last to know because designer Roberto Cavalli confirmed it last week while I confirmed it yesterday. Eventually, people were going to figure it out. I guess she could have acted coy and tried to play it off. For example, when she’s scarfing down three entrees at dinner and everyone is staring at her like she just stabbed a puppy in the eye, she could innocently say, “Oh, I shouldn’t be eating all this. It goes straight to my uterus.”

  • Bill Surman

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