Jessica Biel fights back

Evidently fed up with the constant whir, click of the cameras around her, Jessica Biel decided to give paparazzi a taste of their own medicine by stepping out of her SUV and snapping pics of them with her own camera. I can imagine Jessica thinking, “Ha, look at yourselves now! Not so pleasant is it?! Yea, take that and that and THAT! How does it feel to have a major movie star with an ass that just won’t quit taking pictures of you. Looks like these guys won’t be bothering me anymore. I’m so clever. Jessica Biel – 1, Paparazzi – 0.” It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they show up again tomorrow. Maybe another senseless beating with an umbrella? One can only hope.

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15 years ago

what effect will this have? none..the pap don’t care about getting their pic taken.

15 years ago

Is she going to put up a website with stupid paparazzi pictures? Because that would be kind of clever and maybe even funny.