Joe Francis is too whiny

Court documents revealed the oft maligned Joe Francis has claimed Oklahoma prison guards threatened to tie him naked to a chair for 48 hours and withheld food and blankets.

Oklahoma prison officials deny claims of abuse, telling the Oklahoman newspaper Francis was “treated like every inmate that comes through the Grady County Law Enforcement Center.”

Welcome to Joe’s pity party. Boo hoo, they want to strap him naked to a chair. Sob, no food or blankie for little Joey. Wahh, the inmates sneak into his cell every night, hold a shiv to his throat and rape him. God, Joe Francis whines more than a fat kid who dropped his marshmallow sandwich.

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Herman B
16 years ago

i enjoy writing porn, because it is a hoot for me and my friends, laughing at human sexuality. but their is a more sinister side of human sexuality.

dr. sigmund freud, describes this psychological fit of rage as penis envy, and notably their are men who do suffer from penis envy.

and in this form of rage a man is driven by narcissistic values to prove themselves better than other men by embellishing upon imaginary competition.