Julia Roberts is a lunatic

Julia Roberts acted like a woman possessed as she crazily honked her horn while driving on the wrong side of the road in L.A. trying to pull over a photog. Julia then went over to chew him out about taking pictures of her kids. If this was me, I’d just wave her off and speed away. I don’t need another lecture about taking pictures of kids. I think the judge about covered it all.

  • Kate

    Horseface, who parks in Handicapped spaces no less, has the most hidious and grossly dress runts known to mankind. I would surley have loved to have been there to PUNCH HER LIGHTS OUT!

  • Kate

    Oh, and by the way speeding to catch up to this driver…what a fucking hypocrite! Seriously…I would pay to beat the shit out of her. I hope her fugly runts get run OVER, just for shits and giggles.

  • Ugly lunatic

  • Pecarrie

    Im on her side– being pro children and attempting to protect them from paparrazzi. Thats the right thing to do… and in other peoples’ interests. Good for her.

  • Melissa

    Kate you are sick and make me wish I believed in Karma.

  • Margaret

    I think Julia had every right to do what she did. Your just mad that she called out some dirt bag chasing after poor kids who were at their school! How often are celebrities chased down? I mean, give their children a break. It would be different if he was trying to catch Julia doing something stupid, like parking in the handicap parking spot. But this guy was at her kids school!

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