Katie Price is classy

Katie Price

I still don’t know who Katie Price is or what she does despite people’s rabid attempts to educate me. All I know is that she flashed her panties yesterday and that’s good enough for me. I want to tell her to quit being retarded and act like a mother, but I think that would be kind of mean because her kid is actually retarded. Besides, who am I to tell a girl not to make a fool of herself. Especially one that bears such a striking resemblance to a Real Doll.

Katie Price has no shameKatie Price has no shameKatie Price has no shameKatie Price has no shameKatie Price has no shame

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Perry de Havilland

Katie Price (aka Jordan) is the one in blue, by the way. She is a talentless UK “adult model” and “media personality” who is famous for being famous… and having grotesquely large boobs.

If you don’t know who she is, well I envy you.


Urgh! I bet she thinks that looks hot. Someone should tell her she’s got an ugly butt and it matches her face.

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