Katies Holmes is a line-cutter

It’s no secret celebrities get special treatment. They get bags of swag filled with jewelry, resort trips and designer clothing. Meanwhile, the common folk, like you and me, are forced to steal pens from the office supply cabinet. “One way or another, you’re gonna pay me” we mutter, while scrounging for 99 cent legal pads.

So, it’s no surprise to read that New York Marathon officials bent the rules for Katie. According to the NY Post, she was allowed to bypass normal registration procedures.

“We offer VIP positions to people who have compelling stories who do not get in through the lottery . . . not necessarily celebrities…”

Compelling stories? If that’s the case, then shucks, let her in. How many of us would have a baby just to hide our husband’s homosexuality? Throw in the the spaceship and Xenu talk and I’m surprised Katie even had to run. Just let her choose her time. – CS

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Freddie Sirmans
15 years ago

Just browsing the internet. You have a very, very interesting blog. I’m sure I will visit again.