Kim Kardashian is a real pornstar now

Vivid has relaunched the KimSuperstar site promising 100 minutes of uncut, never before seen footage of Ray J banging Kim Kardashian. Kim threw a fit when the site first launched and threatened to sue Vivid if they didn’t pull the video. The lawsuit was eventually dropped and Kim landed her own television show on E!. Funny how things work out. The revamped site features a trailer and a voicemail message left by Kim to Ray J where she calls him disgusting and tells him to never call her again. She then lets out an unintelligible scream at the end possibly signaling her transformation into “whore” or “bat” or both. Whore bat?

My powers of deduction tell me Kim is behind all this. Her recent spread for Playboy and dropping of the lawsuit are evidence to the fact. So, what does this new footage show? The money shot? The infamous golden shower scene aka the Holy Grail of celebrity sex tapes? That would the most significant find in modern history right after Paris Hilton’s virginity.

· Vivid relaunches Kim Kardashian website [AVN (NSFW)]
· Revamped website [Kim Superstar (NSFW)]

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Sara Stone
14 years ago

Anybody knows more information about sara stone? OMG she’s damn hot man!! Naisss

14 years ago

is’n’t she a porn star together with that negro ……
good for her that she bacame a hollywood actress now but my anxiety is pullin’ me back ’cause she’s a porn star …..
well goodluck for her …..

10 years ago

Why is an immoral pig like this worthy of “star” rating? Is this further proof of the decadence of America?