Kim Kardashian is faking it

Earlier, Kim Kardashian claimed that Delta employees set her up in order to steal $50,000 worth of stuff from under her nose. Among the items missing were diamonds, a Cartier watch, a digital camera and her laptop. However, police don’t believe Kim is that stupid and claim it’s a publicity stunt. Page Six says,

Neither Port Authority cops, the NYPD nor the Queens district attorney has any report of a theft. Kardashian’s reps didn’t return calls.

Let me tell you something NYPD. If you attached a diamond ring to a rope on a stick and stuck the stick on Kim’s head so that the ring dangled in front of her face just out of her reach, Kim would chase that thing all the way to China. Remember those cartoons where a light bulb goes off above their head during a moment of realization? When Kim finally has her light bulb moment, it’ll most likely buzz for a second, fizzle and then the filament would pop and the light bulb would be all black and cloudy. So, yes. Not only did she get all her stuff stolen, but the thiefs also put a “Kick Me” sign on her back which is still there today.

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kim kardashian
16 years ago

no. it’s no fake!!!