Les Deux is Les Dangereux and time wasters

My god, did you read that title? I am a genius. Pay no mind to the fact that someone might have used the exact same verbiage a while ago.

  • Celebitchy: Ali Lohan’s nose job
  • TC: Britney has some messed up lips
  • FHM: More Rambo pictures
  • TFT: Isla Fisher wears panties (Site NSFW)
  • CS: Just break-up sex
  • SOW: Jimmy Kimmel is Wonder Bread white
  • IDLYITW: Carrie Underwood is the big winner
  • Maxim: Bring back these game shows

Videos from left to right: Super bingo, Peanuts Christmas lights, Guess Who? in one move, fatty breaks his arm, Tracy Morgan is fun


  • Mo

    I hope that you will keep us aprised as to when those assholes get arrested for kicking that man unconscience!! It made me cry to think that is the world we all live in.

    I hope they get put away for a very very long time and becomes someone’s bitch in the process!!!


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