Les Deux is Les Dangereux and time wasters

My god, did you read that title? I am a genius. Pay no mind to the fact that someone might have used the exact same verbiage a while ago.

  • Celebitchy: Ali Lohan’s nose job
  • TC: Britney has some messed up lips
  • FHM: More Rambo pictures
  • TFT: Isla Fisher wears panties (Site NSFW)
  • CS: Just break-up sex
  • SOW: Jimmy Kimmel is Wonder Bread white
  • IDLYITW: Carrie Underwood is the big winner
  • Maxim: Bring back these game shows

Videos from left to right: Super bingo, Peanuts Christmas lights, Guess Who? in one move, fatty breaks his arm, Tracy Morgan is fun


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