Lindsay Lohan has a therapist

Lindsay, her sister Ali, mother Dina and father Michael were at their home in New York to attend a family therapy session over Thanksgiving weekend. Lindsay’s unfortunately named little brother Dakota was allowed to skip the meeting.

Also tagging along to Long Island was new boyfriend Riley Giles. But, instead of spending time with the Lohans, the recently rehabbed Riley went clubbing throughout the weekend. Meanwhile, Lindsay substituted one addiction for another and went on a shopping spree with her little sister Ali in an effort to whore her up for the boys.

“Lindsay and Ali were having so much fun shopping, and Lindsay was helping her little sister pick out clothes,” said a source, who saw the girls on Black Friday.

There’s a scary thought. A mini-Lindsay running around. Flashing her vagina like her attention starved big sister. She isn’t 18 yet, right? Yea, totally disgusting. She should be in school learning the Pythagorean theorem or how to solve differentials, not running around New York in a g-string and wonder-bra. Being a whore never helped anyone figure out how to pay off their student loans despite what those pornos claim.

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