Lindsay was jailed for 84 minutes

Lindsay Lohan surrendered to authorities at 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning at Los Angeles County’s Lynwood Jail and was released 84 minutes later at 11:54 a.m. Once again, overcrowding was cited for the early release. The jail time was a result of a high speed chase between Lindsay and her assistant and also for possession of a usable amount of cocaine.

I bet Lindsay is pissed. 84 minutes is 2 minutes longer than what Nicole Richie served. There’s no way that pregnant bitch Nicole is more famous than Lindsay. This is an injustice is what this is. This makes L.A seem like such a joke. Lindsay should have been released in 80 minutes or less. And they should have let her play with their guns because of how much they inconvenienced her. Maybe even let her loose in the evidence locker unsupervised. It’s the least they could have done.

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15 years ago

wooooooow so cooooool …..gee I wonder why some people are gay

15 years ago

I’d love nothing more then to spend a whole week with this gorgeous woman, sharing laugh, ideas & intimate thoughts. Going wonderful places & seeing beautiful things, & of course taking a LOT of time just making sweet, sweet love- soft & tender, as well as rough rugged-(think BUTTLOVE), but all in the bounds of sexy playfulness !!! GOOD TIMES MAN, REALLY GOOD TIMES :O) … if ONLY.