Matt Damon doesn’t want to be sexy

Matt Damon was named by People Magazine as this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive” after last year George Clooney jokingly campaigned for him to get the crown. However, despite the honor, Matt Damon declined the award and instead thought that New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, deserved it.

When Damon learned he was chosen — he turned them down! Damon wrote People a “fabulous” letter explaining that he doesn’t normally talk about his personal life. He said he was blushing when he read that he had been picked. While he got a huge kick out of the nod, he didn’t feel worthy, he said. “You just gave an aging suburban dad ego boost of a lifetime,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, who does Damon think should be named Sexiest Man Alive? In his letter to People, the actor suggested New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Brady’s response? “Matt and I always argue about who’s sexier!”

Matt Damon and Tom Brady probably get together on Saturday nights to do each other’s hair and playfully paw at each other and coo, “You’re the sexiest. No, you’re the sexiest. You’re so silly. You’re the sexiest. No, you’re the sexiest.” This nauseating spectacle lasts until they tire out and fall asleep in each other’s arms. At the same time, George Clooney can be found weeping outside their window.

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