Megan Good flashed her boob

Meagan Good

While walking through a throng of paparazzi, Megan Good strategically flashed her right boob. Will it be enough to make her stock rise? Only time will tell if her publicist has developed a winning strategy. If they stuck with my plan, we’d be seeing her rub honey all over her body and rattling a hornet’s nest right now, but I suppose a boob flash could work too. Just don’t come crying to me when the only roles you get are co-starring with Paris Hilton and Tara Reid. Said video after the jump. NSFW by the way. Screen shot also included.

Meagan Good booby

  • megan

    Meagan’s got a mean camel-toe.


    meagan baby, there is not one thing in thios world you can do, lady like or otherwise to make me stop loving your every smile and your beautiful body. i promise i will meet you some day!

  • Megan I just want you to know that Jesus loves you and your better than what I just witnesses – your a good woman with Godly values. search your heart and find the truth cause one day the beauty -fame – money will all be gone and only God will continue to love you unconditionally but His love for you will make you want to love him and live for Him.

  • Ed Giles

    That obviously wasn’t done intentionally! I know they seen you move your shirt, like you were trying 2 keep them from coming out. They are 2 bogus 4 trying 2 put you out like that Boo. Although, you just made my day, because I sure wasn’t mad at all! I still love you sexy!

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