Miss Puerto Rico faked it

Yesterday, it was reported Puerto Rico’s 2008 Miss Universe contestant Ingrid Marie Rivera’s clothing had been sprayed with pepper spray by another contestant. This caused her to twice break out in hives and she had to be iced down backstage, but she managed to keep her composure and win. Not so fast say authorities. Police are now wondering how Ingrid managed to stop crying while she was on air.

“They’re saying, they think she made it up?” Vieira [of The View] asked reporter Kerry Sanders, who replied: “They’re looking into it. They’re curious.”

Rivera is due to be interviewed on Wednesday’s Today show, where, on Tuesday, co-anchor Matt Lauer said he intended to get to the bottom of the mystery.

I’ve accidentally rubbed my eyes after handling peppers so I have a good idea what this feels like. If you’re like me, courageous and strong, it won’t affect you at all. But, if you are a mere mortal (suckers) you can somewhat neautrilize it with whole milk. Then again, the pepper was on her clothes and not in her eyes so I don’t see why she was crying. Maybe she just saw 2girls1cup? I wanted to cry after watching that too. Poor janitor.

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