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So, remember when James Dean crashed his car and died? How much would you have paid for that car. $50k? 100k? Did you miss out on that deal? Well, some genius has the next best thing.

Go to eBay and you’ll find Lindsay Lohan’s VERY OWN scratched and dented Mercedes up for bid. Now, you can be one step closer to stardom. Practice your own vagina shots as you step out of this car. Did you get it right? Good, now you too can be a celebrity. Really, that’s all it takes. 1 vagina shot and you will be well on your way to rehab.

An anonymous seller has taken to eBay to hawk the 2005 black Mercedes SL-Class the actress was driving when she crashed on Sunset Boulevard last May, allegedly under the influence of booze and drugs. The price: $110,500. It has 6,207 miles on it and is driveable, following repairs.

Oh, the stories this car could tell, let me tell you. C’mon. Put your nose right up to the leather. Can you smell that? Shhh… don’t tell anyone. You’ve just smelled Lindsay’s Vagina. Does it remind you of Vieux Boulogne? Don’t sniff too long or you might inhale some cocaine residue. Better wash that nose though. Herpes does NOT only attack the genitalia. — Captain Swarthy

Wobbly Wheels [Page Six]
Lindsay’s Mercedes [eBay]

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