Paris goes to Japan instead of Rwanda

Even though Paris’ trip to Rwanda has been postponed due to restructuring of the organization, that hasn’t kept her from other huminatrian efforts such as judging a beauty contest in Japan.

“I love Tokyo,” Hilton said. “The shopping is great.”

Hilton was in Japan with her younger sister, Nicky, on Tuesday, where each selected a finalist for the Miss Universe Japan contest. More finalists will be selected over the coming month.

Her appearance drew a glut of media, with cameras cramming the boutique she visited, and fans crowding the streets.

Paris Hilton has no business judging beauty contests. She’s going to base the winner off of how closely they resemble her which will be a disaster. Can you imagine? The last beauty queen Japan produced was Ryo Mori who eventually became Mis Universe. This time it’ll be a tranny in a blond wig.

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