Pete Doherty will never be clean

The Sun has video of Pete Doherty, who recently completed a six week court ordered stay in rehab, shooting up heroin hours after he told reporters at the MTV Europe Music Awards he was clean and sober and even joked that he was missing hard drugs.

He stares into the camera, “cooks up” the heroin on a spoon, and fills the syringe.

His head slumps forward as he injects it into his tattooed right arm.

They were taken at the Babyshambles star’s home in Wiltshire on Friday – hours after the MTV European Music Awards in Germany.

In the footage, he is wearing the green wristband from the previous night’s ceremony – and is still in the same clothes he returned home in.

Let’s not jump to conclusions here. Maybe he was pretend cooking heroin and pretend shooting up. That Pete is such a joker. He’d do anything for a laugh. Do you really believe he would ruin his life again after all that he’s been through? I mean, come on, Pete loves drugs as much as the next guy, but he’s stronger than that. He’s innocent and also really sexy.

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