Rules don’t apply to Eva Longoria

Sometimes celebrities think they can do whatever they want without consequence. Case in point. At the Chateau Marmont, Eva Longoria ignored the host and started pulling chairs from other people’s reserved tables so she could join Ken Paves, Shakira and Victoria Beckham at theirs. Page Six says,

“Eva ran straight over to Posh and started pulling up chairs around a big table so they could sit together,” said our spy. “The host was furious. She told Eva, ‘You cannot bring any more chairs over here. This is a dining room.’ Eva didn’t listen to her, and a head server had to start pulling the chairs from her and move them back to the dining area so people with reservations could sit.”

I’m not sure what’s up the host’s butt. She should have bowed to Eva Longoria’s every whim. Doesn’t she know Eva’s a big star and therefore, above the rules of man? Let those commoners sit on the floor. So what if they made reservations months in advance, it’s not like they’re the ones bettering the world by slaving away on the set of Desperate Housewives or watching their husband play basketball. Really, if you think about it, society owes her big time.

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16 years ago

Somebody needed to straight slap that bish. Eva isnt really that hot…she just is done up well. She really is kind of average, she just takes good pics.

16 years ago

why do you americans think she’s anything but ordinary? in my opinion she’s an ugly twit.

16 years ago

I seems saw her picture on or something. I don’t know whether she posted her profile there.